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Pearson Interiors

The focus of Pearson Interiors is turnkey, fast paced, cost efficient project delivery. We quickly turnover space in existing buildings, helping owners and tenants occupy and generate revenue sooner. Whether it is raw space or renovations that require demolition and building back, we understand the unique challenges of construction within existing building envelopes.

To expedite projects, Pearson offers design services to compliment the process with a design/build delivery for a single source procurement through it’s in-house architectural firm, TERA Architects. Pearson Interiors utilizes a dedicated team of in-house project managers, architects, field superintendents, and trade craftsmen for it’s projects, which can range from $5,000 to $500,000 or more.

Whether it is upfront budgeting for a lease or a complete design-build of an interior space, Pearson Interiors can accelerate the entire process while still delivering the same high quality construction that we have built our reputation on since 1918.




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