Safety & Technology


Safety is always the number one priority on every Pearson project, no matter how small or large. Our employees are trained in the company’s safety procedures, based on MIOSHA. Safety standards are strictly adhered to and enforced by the company. The safety philosophy at Pearson is based on “Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”. It is the duty of every employee to be alert for unsafe conditions and immediately report such situations to the appropriate authority so that the proper corrective action can be taken. The safety training at Pearson includes the following areas: General Safety Rules, Aerial Work Platforms, Concrete and Masonry Construction, Cranes, Steel Erection, Fall Protection, Fire Prevention, Electrical Safety, and Scaffolding.


Pearson’s commitment to serving its customers is demonstrated by its investment in technology which plays a key role in all areas of operations. The Pearson staff uses the complete Viewpoint Construction Software suite of integrated, configurable applications for all aspects of project management, financial planning and day-to-day operations. Viewpoint Construction Software provides the Pearson construction professionals with integrated applications for Pre-Construction, Project Management, Job Costing, Accounting and Human Resources which is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework using the SQL Server database providing timely reporting of critical data.



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