Facilities Maintenance Group

Pearson provides facility maintenance services to its corporate, institutional, and industrial clients. These services consist of small construction projects ranging in cost from $1,000 to $100,000. If a client simply needs an office painted and a door relocated, Pearson’s facility group will quickly respond. This group is comprised of highly skilled carpenters and tradesmen that are part the Pearson in-house labor forces and directed by experienced field and office supervision. These services are typically contracted by time and materials, unit prices, or lump sum agreements.

Skilled Trade Forces

Pearson employs skilled foremen and tradesmen in order to self-perform the following trades: Steel Erection, Concrete, Carpentry, Masonry, Heavy Equipment & Operation, and General Trades. Pearson’s philosophy in self-performing these trades, whenever feasible, is paramount with respect to maintaining the quality and schedule on projects.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pearson has had a long standing partnership with various metal building suppliers. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer advantages over traditional construction. Pearson works with owners to meet budgetary considerations and future expansion needs. Pearson’s design process utilizes engineering and fabrication methods that help reduce interim financing costs through faster construction and minimized field labor expense. Earlier occupancy and a head start on day-to-day operations is an additional benefit. However, value does not necessarily equate to dull, unimaginative buildings. Sophisticated building systems can readily incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick and stone to provide versatile structures that have dramatic effects, or blend with their surroundings. This versatility creates contemporary structures, ideally suited to project the right business image.

Construction Management

The complexities of today’s construction systems and methods and the difficulty in managing a large number of highly skilled subcontractors, has led to the increasing popularity of the construction management delivery method. This method allows the owner and architect-engineer to have available to them the services of a general contractor during planning and design as well as the construction phase. Pearson, together with the owner and architect-engineer, work as a team throughout the entire project, from concept to closeout. Pearson will perform under a professional services contract with the owner as either the owner’s representative, referred to as agency construction management, or as a construction manager at risk.

General Contracting

General contracting services are used in the traditional delivery method of design/bid/build. Pearson has a wealth of experience as the general contractor for thousands of projects over the last 90 years. The depth of experience in Pearson’s field and office personnel is regarded as one of the best in the industry and unparalleled in Southwest Michigan. Pearson uses several contracting methods when providing construction services. They are commonly based on the needs, requirements, and desires of its clients: Cost Plus a Fee, Cost Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Lump Sum, or Time and Materials.

Design Build

Pearson has been providing design build services for over fifty years. Pearson Engineering (dba – TERA Architects), founded in 1956, was initially created to facilitate design build capabilities for Pearson. Since then, Pearson has constructed hundreds of buildings for owners using the design build method of delivery. There are several advantages of design build for the owner, including a single point of accountability for the design and construction and a faster delivery of construction. Pearson will also explore the Design Build Lease delivery method with potential clients. This is a variation of the typical design build delivery in which Pearson will design and build a facility for a tenant, not an owner. The facility is built to fulfill the specific requirements of an individual tenant’s space in return for a long term lease agreement.

Pre-Construction Services

An important part of every project is proper design and planning. Pearson’s pre-construction services are designed to provide the necessary pre-project planning, cost and schedule development, constructability reviews and value engineering prior to the start of a construction project. These services can be provided individually or bundled in a group. When pre-construction services are utilized effectively, they can result in a reduction of changes during the construction phase of a project, as well as keeping a project on schedule and budget.

Project Pre-Development

Pearson works with owners, investors, and real estate development firms very early in the development of projects. The Pearson team of architects, engineers, estimators, and construction managers meet with clients to discuss their project ideas and create a basic program incorporating their needs and requirements. Pearson will then develop a conceptual design and a preliminary budget and schedule. Pearson’s clients use these documents to help secure investment capital, financing, planning and zoning approval as well as pre-sales and leasing interest.



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